The ever smiling, always present, thoughtful and warm hearted hostess. Flora is an excellent cook, meeting with any culinary likings. She is capable of combining flavours from overseas with those of her home area- the foothills of Kilimanjaro- or pleasing your palate with coastal dishes. You name it, Flora does it. Are you interested in learning how to make chapatti or any traditional dish yourself? Flora will be happy to teach you.

 Mama Yakobo
Called after the firstborn child, Mama Yakobo comes from the foothills of Mt. Meru, and looks after all housekeeping related issues. Mama Yakobo is always happy to meet guests and to assist where necessary.

Born in Iringa Region, Southern Tanzania, Chenga is our “all-rounder”. You need a strong hand? Chenga is there! You need a friendly person to spend some time with your child? Chenga loves it (and they love him)!

Our night watchman, called “Askari” in East Africa, you will also see Yustus helping around Kiota. You’ll also find Yustus in the garden, growing many of the vegetables and fruit that are in the dishes you eat at Kiota.

Yustus Kiota Staff